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Overcoming Your Perfectionism + Releasing Shame with Sam Brown

high vibin' it kelsey aida letting go lynnsey robinson personal development personal growth podcast release sam brown Apr 19, 2021

Overthinking… procrastinating… people-pleasing… getting burnt out… getting in your own way… scared of failure?

You could be stuck in a perfectionistic mindset, and this episode all about overcoming your perfectionism can help!

Sam Brown, creator of “The Perfectionist Project” is here to talk about perfectionism and how to help yourself through it, if it’s become a trouble point in your life.

Learn about…

  • How to tell if you’re a perfectionist
  • How perfectionism can hold you back
  • Fixed mindsets vs growth mindsets
  • Helping yourself not get stuck (or procrastinate) due to fear of failure
  • Practicing surrender and feeling good enough, despite outcomes and achievements
  • Expanding your tolerance for ease
  • How to rest without guilt
  • AND so much more goodness!



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