Ready to be FREE of the outdated subconscious “stuff” holding you back, and the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck?

Don't settle for what you've outgrown...
Your UPLEVEL is waiting for you! 

This program includes the EXACT transformative hypnotherapy sessions my 1:1 clients experience when they start working with me... and now YOU get to experience it too—

for less than half of the cost AND without my 7 month waitlist!

Sarah K
Nutrition Coach
Emily C
I wasn't sure that it would work and thought I would be unable to be hypnotized. SO WORTH IT! I had such powerful, vivid visualizations and I was completely shocked and amazed by the things that I uncovered in just 4 sessions. 

As I went through the sessions, I have found my confidence growing, and with it my ability to make decisions based on how I feel and what is TRUE, rather than on the fears and self-sabotaging stories that I so easily concoct. It is amazing how powerful we all are, and Lynnsey helped me to tap into my power through hypnosis.


⭐ Each session includes video coaching from me, a hypnosis audio download so you can reinforce your progress, and mindset homework to move you farther, FASTER than ever.

I put my best work into the Mindset Detox Digital Program, making double sure that it would the thing that would be the answer for so many people who need it.

I want you to be able to feel the relief of no longer "standing in your own way"... to feel the rush of seeing a clear, inspired path ahead... to have a deep, profound sense of knowing that the Universe is working on behalf of your highest good!

That's what this program is designed to help you do.


Meet Your Hypnotherapist

 I’m Lynnsey Robinson, and I’m a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Coach. My passion and purpose is in helping women all over the world align their minds for success, own their inner light, and step into their best selves.

With my extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of hypnotherapy, spirituality and behavioral science, I help my clients clear the subconscious fear stories holding them back from achieving their vision of success, release self-doubt, reconnect to themselves, in a deeper way, and become infinitely more confident to succeed at a much bigger level than ever before.

Some fun facts about me, and what I stand for:

  • In 2006 I moved to Los Angeles from my home state of Michigan because I really don’t like snow… true.
  • My favorite things to binge watch are Doctor Who, Schitt's Creek, and The Office.
  • I am very spiritual and intuitive, and I will usually connect to my clients metaphysically during sessions.
  • I believe that your passions aren’t random, that they are your calling.
  • I believe that your potential for greatness is already within you, and that you just need the right tools to help you grow into it.
  • I believe in stepping outside your comfort zone, because growth and comfort cannot exist in the same space.


Tanya A
After each session, I felt a shift in myself and began to feel better almost instantly. I struggled with anxiety and doubt in the past, and now I have a new outlook on life. 

I felt stuck in my career and relationships. I would continuously attract relationships that weren't right for me as well as jobs that weren't fulfilling or exciting. I knew my beliefs had to change but wasn't sure where to begin in changing them. Since then, I have found confidence and self worth in myself and feel so excited for my future. The people around me have noticed my shift and comment how positive I am. I feel like a new person!

The most significant improvements have been the belief and confidence in myself. I now know I am worthy and deserving of my desires and won't settle for less.
Amelia R
Spiritual Worker
I immediately see the change in myself and life around me. I had no idea that I would see such phenomenal progress in such a short space of time. I know that I will never be the same moving forward from this transformative experience! I have unearthed deep levels of self-discovery, experienced profound visualisations and ultimately brought to light who I truly am inside.  

You don't need to have previous experience with hypnosis, you just need to be READY for a major upgrade. 

 The "Mindset Detox" program is designed to help you release what's holding you back, reconnect with your true self and purpose, AND gain the mindset tools to achieve your deepest desires.

Throughout these 4 weekly hypnosis sessions, and with the help of the weekly mindset homework, you'll re-discover your inner wisdom, step into your excellence, release limiting beliefs and establish new, success-driven thought patterns and programs that will get you to the next phase of your best life! 

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