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You Before You: Past Life Regression

hypnosis hypnotherapy past life regression past lives Feb 16, 2017

“It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.” ― Voltaire

Have you ever wondered what happens after we transition from life? 

Do certain time periods or geographic locations hold a strange familiarity with you?

Many believe that upon physical death, our unlimited souls are capable of returning to physical existence in many subsequent lives to continue our soul growth in order to become complete, perfect spiritual beings. Past Life Regression/Exploration therapy can give you the opportunity to explore what lies beyond your current reality and into a life you may have lived before this one.



The practice of Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy has proven very successful in helping my clients heal emotional trauma, chronic pain, phobias, and remove outdated destructive behavior patterns just to name a few. This is because once the cause of the issue is uncovered and examined, it is then able to be released and often disappears. Other reasons one may seek PLR is simply to satisfy curiosity, find soul connections to those in present life, or just to have a better understanding of their own life purpose.

Some Common Reasons to Seek PLR

  • Unexplained physical symptoms/illness– Symptoms that have no physiological or psychological origin could be caused by an unresolved past life experience. Moles, birthmarks, or other physical malformations could also be attributed to past life areas of significance on the body.

  • Phobias– A phobia is an intense fear that does not have a clear cause or origin in this life. For example, an unexplainable fear of germs or illness may be a result of a plague or infection death in a previous life.

  • Soul Connections– Do you feel a strong, intense connection to a friend or family member? These connections will feel very unique, and often it is discovered that these connections span many lifetimes, and our souls recognize them when they return to us.

  • Simple curiosity!– Maybe you aren’t sure if you believe, or maybe you feel an intense pull to a certain part of the world or time period and don’t know why. Many choose PLR just to find out more about themselves, no matter what it is that triggers their intrigue!

What to Expect During A PLR Session
The PLR experience will be unique for each client, but the insights and benefits gained are always astonishing and very often life-changing. As a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, I specialize in providing a completely safe and effective way to unlock hidden knowledge deep in the subconscious. This technique is centered in healing, gaining wisdom and moving forward.

PS- YES I do live Past Life Explorations virtually via Zoom video, or you can try my guided audio yourself in the Align Your Mind Membership!