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How Katie Learned to Love Herself

anxiety compassion high vibin' it kelsey aida lynnsey robinson podcast self love self worth Apr 26, 2021

One of Kelsey’s coaching clients, Katie, comes on the show to share her self-love success story and total energetic glow-up that’s transpired in the last year... and exactly how she did it!

In her own words, Katie used to live her life feeling chaotic, terrified, controlling, codependent, avoidant, and extremely anxious… until she attended Kelsey’s retreat where she learned that it’s ok to feel how you feel, have self-compassion, and know that here’s nothing actually “wrong” with you.

From that moment forward, she has been growing and healing exponentially through practicing self-love, releasing resistance, and cultivating confidence and resilience.

If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to work with Kelsey 1-on-1… this episode will give you a sneak peek inside her healing sessions and coaching modalities.

In this episode, we also talk about…

  • The healing journey
  • Releasing self-judgment
  • How to ease your suffering
  • Tools to help you be successful in life
  • A helpful way to process emotions in your body
  • How to live life more UN-conditionally



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