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Tapping Into Abundance With Brad Yates

brad yates eft emotional freedom technique high vibin' it hypnosis hypnotherapy kelsey aida law of attraction lynnsey robinson manifesting podcast tapping into abundance Aug 05, 2019

Did you know that August is International EFT/Tapping Month? Come kick it off the right way with Kelsey, myself, and none other than best-selling author, YouTube sensation, and go-to EFT guy, Brad Yates!


Brad dedicates his life to the scientifically proven Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, and how it can help others raise their vibe, clear energy blocks, process heavy emotions, reduce stress, improve relationships and heal almost any area in life.

In this week's episode of High Vibin' It, Kelsey and I pick Brad's brain specifically about how embracing this amazing tool can help you attract more abundance into your life (for real)!

Brad even does a live demonstration of EFT for listeners to tap along to and begin aligning with abundance!



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