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Manifesting “Cheat Codes” According to Your Human Design Type with Christine Michelle

christine michelle high vibin' it human design kelsey aida law of attraction lynnsey robinson manifest manifestation manifesting podcast Aug 10, 2020

Vibration lifter and energy shifter, Christine Michelle (@thealignedsoul), teaches us all about how to use your specific human design for your most effortless manifesting success. Who knew that your human design could tell you so much about how to manifest according to how your personal energy works?! So cool.


We also talk about….

  • How to find out your human design type and get your free human design chart

  • How to live in harmony with your human design

  • How your specific human design type manifests most effortlessly (especially if you’re a manifesting generator or generator)

  • Are you a specific or non-specific manifestor?

  • The special “money” energy channel in human design

  • Tons of manifesting examples and success stories

In the Patreon version of this episode, Christine dives into and compares our personal human design charts so that you can start to dissect yours too!




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