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Manifesting Through the Power of Deep Surrender with Alea Lovely

alea lovely deep surrender empowerment high vibin' it kelsey aida law of attraction lynnsey robinson manifestation podcast positivity release resistance Aug 03, 2020

Learn how to harness the power of deep surrender to manifest with less resistance!

Alea Lovely helps us bust a bunch of Law of Attraction myths and set the record straight when it comes to faking positivity and how to actually surrender for the sake of manifesting.


This episode is dedicated to all the control freaks of the world (us included) and anyone who has ever had the thought, “F@ck you Universe!” when they couldn’t seem to get what they wanted.

In the patron version of this episode, Alea tells us all about the magical stone that heightens her psychic and mediumship abilities and we all share ghost sightings and past life stories.



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