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Deepening Connection with Yourself + Others with John Kim

deep connections empowerment intimacy john kim kelsey aida lynnsey robinson parenting relationship self love self worth Jul 27, 2020

Welcome to High Vibin’ It! We have John Kim (aka “@theangrytherapist) joining us for an exploratory conversation about all different types of relationships and ways to connect more deeply with ourselves and others.


We explore topics like being single on purpose, the craziness that is parenting, how to connect deeply with people online during a global pandemic, polygamy and swinging, being your most authentic self, and everything in between!

This is an especially helpful conversation for anyone who values connection and wants to experience more intimacy and empowerment in their lives.

In the patron version of this episode, John shares his adorable baby, Logan, with us and we pull an oracle card for all our VIPs!



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