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Twin Flames vs Soul Mates: What You NEED to Know

healthy relationship high vibin' it kelsey aida love lynnsey robinson podcast soul mate twin flames Jul 20, 2020

We’re diving into the world of soul contracts and answering your most burning questions about twin flames, soul mates, and the like.

With a lot of promises of fantasy endings and misleading information on the internet about twin flames, we’re setting the record straight to ease your confusion and help you through the journey.


In this episode, we talk about...

  • How to know if you’re in a twin flame or a soul mate relationship

  • The key differences between "twin flames" and 'soul mates"

  • The purpose of a twin flame dynamic

  • How to know if you should stay or leave a relationship

  • Red flags and green flags when it comes to relationships

  • The signs of a twin flame dynamic

  • What to do if you keep finding yourself in toxic relationships

  • How to manifest your soul mate

  • Can your kids and pets be your soul mates?

Disclaimer: The thoughts shared in this episode are our theories based on our personal experiences. Many teachers have many different explanations of these dynamics, but we hope these help to save you from any delusions or toxic traps!

In the Patreon version of this episode, we pull an oracle card and recommend some great soul mate movies and twin flame TV shows to watch!




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