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How to Create Miracles in Your Relationship with Brandon Bozarth

brandon bozarth commited relationship high vibin' it intimacy kelsey aida love language lynnsey robinson personal growth podcast relationship Jun 22, 2020

Learn from Facilitator of Miracles, Brandon Bozarth, how to create more miracles in your relationship and use your relationship as a container for practicing unconditional love, deepening intimacy, and expanding your own personal growth!


Brandon also shares his mixed feelings about “The 5 Love Languages” and how to navigate and heal conflict or misunderstandings between you and your partner.

If you’re in (or want to be in) a committed relationship, this episode is for you!

In the Patreon version of this episode, Brandon plays some magical flute music for us, shares the super spicy intimacy practice he does with his partner, and tells us a story of how dice once manifested out of thin air! You do NOT want to miss it.



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