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How to Connect to Spirit with Medium Erika Gabriel

anxiety erika gabriel higher self intuition kelsey aida lynnsey robinson medium ouija board spirit team spirituality Mar 30, 2020

Whether it's connecting to your loved ones on the other side, your spirit team, your intuition or your higher-self, spiritual medium, Erika Gabriel, gives us the low down in this episode!

Erika has read for thousands of people all of the world and through her work, she has discovered that we are all connected to spirit and our own divine spirit teams!


In this conversation we dive into topics like...

  • How to connect with the spirit realm and higher-self

  • How to have energetic boundaries and protection

  • Is there such a thing as "good" and "bad" spirits?

  • Our take on ouija boards...

  • How to cope with uncomfortable feelings

  • Removing triggers from your life

  • How to tell the difference between intuition and anxiety



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