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Overcoming the Mental Struggles of Being (Or Becoming) A “High Achiever” with Kamini Wood

Feb 06, 2023

Welcome back to another inspirational episode of High Vibin' It! Are you a “high achiever”, a Type A person, a big dreamer, or a perfectionist? If so, this episode is for you!

(This episode is also for you if you want to become a more “high achieving” person.)

We are diving deep with the coach, speaker, and author Kamini Wood on the topic of being a high achiever, releasing self-judgment, and embracing our ambitious nature for the best.

We also talk about things like...

  • How to heal and improve your relationship with yourself as a high achiever
  • Stop judging yourself for dreaming “too big”
  • Overcoming the statistics
  • Improving your high-achieving mindset
  • Embracing your ambition
  • Releasing your grip on outcome attachment
  • and Detaching your value from what you have done, attained, and achieved.




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