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Learning About Yourself Through Yoga with Kassandra Reinhardt

Jan 30, 2023

Welcome back to another inspirational episode of High Vibin' It! This week, Youtube famous, yoga teacher extraordinaire, Kassandra Reinhardt, joins us to talk about using yoga as a personal development practice and how to use your yoga mat as your mirror.

Learn how to get started in yoga if you’re feeling hesitant, or how to get the most out of your current practice with this meaningful conversation.

Other topics covered in this episode include…

  • The challenges of the entrepreneurial journey
  • Getting started on your yoga journey
  • The long-term benefits of yoga
  • Practicing non-attachment
  • Exploring what works for you in yoga and in life
  • Getting rid of excuses and getting on your mat
  • Yoga as a tool for shadow work

Tune in to get inspired and start getting the most out of your yoga practice!




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