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Are You Blocking Your Manifestations by Doing This?

high vibin' it kelsey aida lynnsey robinson manifestation manifesting podcast release resistance subconscious resistance Sep 05, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of High Vibin' It! Resistance can certainly feel like the “enemy” when it comes to manifesting. Which is why this entire episode is dedicated to helping you untangle and resolve your resistance so that you can manifest with ease and flow (and without blockages or stuck energy)!

Tune in to learn all about the ways you might (unknowingly) be practicing resistance and what to do about it so you can stop holding yourself back from what you truly desire.

In this podcast, you will learn...

  • the 2 most common things that put you into a state of resistance
  • examples of how resistance can show up
  • what do to once you identify your resistance
  • and more!

In the extended version of this episode (exclusively available on our Patreon), Kelsey and Lynnsey share their favorite ways to blast through resistance, and Kelsey shares a third way we accumulate resistance.




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