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Tuning In: What Your Intuition Is Trying To Tell You

high vibin' it intuition kelsey aida lynnsey robinson podcast Sep 30, 2019

Intuition... higher wisdom... inner compass... call it what you want, everyone is born with divine navigation. Actually listening to it on the other hand, is another story... am I right?

If you're a human being on planet Earth, you've likely ignored what your heart was telling you at least once (even when you knew it wasn't wrong). You've also probably had trouble even knowing what the right thing to do was, and second guessed yourself and your decisions... yes? You are so totally normal. That's why this week's episode of "High Vibin' It" is dedicated to that voice within, and learning how to turn it up once and for all!


Let Kelsey and I help you fine tune your intuitive abilities, feel more deeply connected to that part of you that KNOWS, and trust your gut and stop second guessing yourself!

Get ready to turn up the volume on your divine wisdom!

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