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Deep Diving Into Human Design with Ariana Joy

ariana joy empowerment high vibin' it human design kelsey aida lynnsey robinson manifestation manifesting podcast spirituality Jul 11, 2022

Channels, gates, and profiles - oh my!

On this week's episode of High Vibin' It, human design expert, Ariana Joy, joins us to dive deeply into our human design charts and what all the different aspects can mean!

Get your human design chart out as you listen so you can learn about yourself throughout this episode (Pro tip: You can get your free human design chart here)

Ariana teaches us about channels, profiles, gates, split definitions and so much more!

We also talk about…

  • How human design can support and empower you
  • How to deep dive into your chart
  • Insight into each energy center in the body
  • Interesting facts about Kelsey and I based on our human design
  • “Specific” vs “nonspecific” manifestors
  • Open (undefined) vs closed (defined) centers
  • The difference between sensitive people and empaths
  • And more!



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