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Tarot Talk: the Myths, the Mystery, And What You Need To Know

divination high vibin' it kelsey aida lynnsey robinson podcast spirituality tarot tarot cards tarot reading Sep 16, 2019

In episode 14 of "High Vibin' It", Kelsey and I are exploring the world of Tarot reading. We explain what it is, how it works, and why so many people have been drawn to this ancient mysterious art for hundreds of years.


During this new episode, we will touch on (and debunk) some common misconceptions around this practice, and the difference between Tarot and Oracle decks. We also talk about the benefits of getting a reading from an expert, as well as give our tips for how and when to read your very own cards, if you feel so inclined.

If you've ever been curious about Tarot readings, but unsure where to start, get ready to learn everything you didn't know you wanted to know! Enjoy this episode of “High Vibin' It”!



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