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healing high vibin' it hypnosis hypnotherapy kelsey aida lynnsey robinson manifest manifestation podcast spirituality Jan 31, 2022

Welcome back to High Vibin' It! This week, back by popular demand, Kelsey and I are answering your hypnosis and manifesting questions on Reddit boards! Chances are, if the internet has the question, you might too.

In this conversation, we dive deep into topics like…

  • What’s going on in your subconscious when your dreams aren’t manifesting
  • Why number 7 is an unlucky number when it comes to Feng Shui
  • Why does it seem harder to manifest, the more that you know?
  • Why you shouldn’t live by all the manifesting advice on TikTok
  • Can we purposefully forget painful things/people?
  • Why things we want don’t work out sometimes
  • Why manifesting a specific person is not the fastest/best way to manifest true loveIs it possible to manifest money without having a job?

This is one you definitely don't want to miss!



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