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How to Break Out of the Matrix with Molly Mandelberg

alignment consciousness fear high vibin' it kelsey aida limiting beliefs lynnsey robinson molly mandelberg podcast spirituality Dec 06, 2021

We are diving deep into how to align with YOUR personal truth and break free from the illusions of this life.

Molly Mandelberg, creator of Wild Hearts Rise Up, joins us this week for a spiritual conversation on alignment, consciousness, personal freedom, and authenticity.

Learn how to dissolve your old limiting stories and embrace your unique path (with less fear and more freedom).

We also explore topics like…

  • How do we change negative limiting stories into beneficial narratives that support us?
  • Is it all really an illusion?
  • How far is too far when it comes to being spiritual?
  • How do we overcome the fear of doing life differently than others?
  • Why is the unknown so scary and how can we embrace it?
  • Can the spiritual path be less isolating?




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