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Honoring Your Body’s Intuition for Better Health with Katie Beecher

health high vibin' it intuition intuitive katie beecher kelsey aida lynnsey robinson pandemic podcast Sep 20, 2021

Medical Intuitive, Katie Beecher, comes on the pod to talk about all things medical and bodily intuition and how to better connect to yours!

Listen to this episode to learn how you can tune in to what’s best for you and your health/wellbeing.

We also talk about…

  • How to listen to the intelligence of your body so as to improve or maintain your health and wellness
  • Super cool stories from a Medical Intuitive
  • Practical exercises for connecting with your intuition
  • Exploring muscle testing, pendulum work, and runes
  • Insights from Katie into this pandemic
  • To get “the jab”… or to not get it…?

In the extended version of this episode, exclusively on our Patreon we get REAL about the current vaccine war and how we are coping with this covid craziness.



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