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Unpacking Our Spiritual Labels + Understanding Ourselves with Maia Toll

astrology divination high vibin' it kelsey aida lynnsey robinson maia toll podcast spirituality tarot cards tarot reading Sep 06, 2021

To be a “witch” or not to be a “witch”… To associate with your sun sign, or your moon sign… to use labels at all, or not?! These are some of the pressing questions of this episode, as we explore how we identify ourselves and so much more!

Join us for an hour of some deep self-exploration and personal development with the magical and mystical Author, Maia Toll.

In the extended episode, exclusively on our Patreon, Maia reveals her brand new oracles cards to the world (for the first time ever), gives a full blown demonstration of how she pulls cards, and even pulls a special card for our VIP Patreon peeps!



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