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Activate Your Divine Feminine Essence

divine feminine high vibin' it hypnosis hypnotherapy kelsey aida lynnsey robinson manifesting podcast Aug 19, 2019

If you have been hearing the term "Divine Feminine" more often lately, you may have some questions: What is it? Why do I care? Is there a "Divine Masculine"? Why is it becoming more prominent now? In this week's new episode of "High Vibin' It”, we dive into all these answers and more.


You'll even hear from one of my past clients who sought hypnosis to awaken her and step into her divine feminine essence. She'll share her story, what she's learned through hypnosis about her divine feminine energy, and how it's created crazy positive change her life.

As always, we’ll be giving you practical ways and tips to begin stepping into and OWNING your divine feminine energy today!



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