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Connect with Your Angels + Guides with Carrie Bush

carrie bush channeling high vibin' it kelsey aida lynnsey robinson podcast psychic abilities spirit guide spirit team spiritual awakening spirituality Aug 03, 2021

Welcome to High Vibin' It! In this episode, Spiritual Mentor and Energy Channel for the Angels, Carrie Marie Bush, joins us to talk about all things angels, spirit guides, and how to better communicate/connect with them!

In this episode we explore…

  • Talking to dead people and communicating with the angels
  • How to develop your extrasensory/psychic gifts
  • Spirit Guides 101, 102, and 103
  • How to enlist the help of your angels
  • Parental advice for when your kids can connect with spirits
  • Fun personal stories from three highly sensitive people
  • A channeled message from the angels to you and the collective



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