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The Most Effective, Up-to-date Approach to Manifesting with David Strickel

channeling david strickel high vibin' it kelsey aida law of attraction lynnsey robinson manifestation manifesting podcast spiritual awakening spirituality Mar 29, 2021

Frustrated with popular Law of Attraction teachings? Some are pretty outdated, so we are here with Channel David Strickel to give you a more realistic, practical, and healing way to approach manifestation.

David channels “The Stream”, the origin of all creation, and using the information that he has channeled he created a system to manifest with ease and experience more abundance and joy. He calls this process TYA and is sharing it with us today!

You’ll also get to experience his channeling first hand in this episode and even learn…

  • How to move through your natural vibrational flow
  • Finding appreciation for everything
  • Why bad things happen to good people
  • Effortless manifestation based on David’s “TYA” process

In the extended Patreon version of this episode you get to see an extra 40 minutes of “The Stream” answering some of life’s most pressing questions.




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