Hey, I know you!

You’ve got BIG goals, and you’re super motivated (and READY) to see them happen.

BUTit seems no matter what you try, you keep hitting a wall and can’t navigate through the clutter of what you think you should do, what you want to do, what others say you should do, etc...

I get it.

I know you’re passionate about stepping into who you're REALLY meant to be; reconnecting to your higher self and finding your true calling. And you know that the achievement of your dreams will mean exactly that. 

I also get how friggin’ frustrating it is when you feel like you’re swimming upstream -or worse- treading water and moving nowhere.


Whether you’ve wanted it for 5 weeks or 5 years, the feeling of getting nowhere fast can be so frustrating, stressful, disappointing, overwhelming, depressing… the list goes on.

So you:
-sign up for webinars,
-study the law of attraction,
-see no change and beat yourself up,
-try meditating but don’t feel it working so you beat yourself up some more,
-read books written by gurus,
-sage the crap out of yourself to get rid of your negativity
-try journalling, affirmations, vision boards, and anything else you haven’t tried yet
-do exactly the same thing that worked for Jenny in the motivational Facebook group you follow,
and you’re STILL in the same spot wondering why it’s so easy for the Jenny’s of the world, and wondering WTH is wrong with you?

Here’s where the good (and better) news comes in.

First, the good news: There’s absolutely —without exception— nothing wrong with you. Read that again.

One more thing: you are exactly where you need (and subconsciously want) to be in your life right now. (If that last part doesn’t sound like good news, read on.)

Right now, your subconscious mind is going against what your conscious mind wants. Not because it hates you, but because it’s trying to keep you safe at all times. Anything unknown (like your crazy success) is an automatic danger signal to your subconscious, which holds 90% of your mind power.

So here’s the better news: You have this crazy power to get your subconscious on the same team as your conscious, so you’re entire mind will actually start working toward your goals, instead of sabotaging them. It may sound easier said than done, but it truly doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s been so far. REALLY.

Basically: The reason you're not where you want to be starts and ends within your mind.

Change that, and you change your life. My passion and purpose is to show you how, and help you *finally* do it.

So I’ll ask again: