Emily C.  |  05.06.18

Lynnsey is amazing! I first found her through an online summit of a variety of spiritual coaches and business owners and was immediately skeptical when I saw that the topic of her interview was hypnotherapy, but I watched anyway, and found myself immediately drawn in by her energy.

I just knew that I needed her coaching, so I bought a pack of sessions, even though I wasn't sure that it would work and thought I would be absolutely unable to be hypnotized because I was a self-proclaimed "terrible visualizer." SO WORTH IT! Not only was I able to be hypnotized, but I had such powerful, vivid visualizations and I was completely shocked and amazed by the things that I uncovered in just 4 sessions. She took the time to really talk things through, both allaying my fears over how hypnosis works and exuding such a personable nature that I felt comfortable to share intimate details about my life, and was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to focus on at the time.

I have always dealt with some severe worthiness issues, and we worked a lot on that and the fears that stem from it. As I went through the sessions, and then back through the recordings as needed, I have found my confidence growing, and with it my ability to make decisions based on how I feel and what is TRUE, rather than on the fears and self-sabotaging stories that I so easily concoct. For example, I went from thinking that I was incapable of a romantic relationship to finding a man who so far seems perfect for me, almost immediately following a particularly eye-opening hypnosis session, and KNOWING that I did that for myself, through her guidance. It is amazing how powerful we all are, and Lynnsey helped me to tap into my power through hypnosis.

For anyone (especially any other "terrible visualizers" out there) considering her 1:1 programs, my advice is to take the leap! If you'd like to talk more about my experience, I'd be happy to answer your questions! You can shoot me an email at <emilyac@umich.edu> or find me (Emily Ann) on Facebook through Lynnsey's Facebook group.


Crystal R.  |  04.18.18

I had the past life exploration. I was a bit nervous in the beginning to do hypnotherapy. Mainly because of me not being able to think it would work. My life has been filled with anxiety and not being able to focus on the task at hand. I have to say it was amazing and life changing for me. I can't begin to explain the gratitude and connection I was able to have spiritually. I would love to do more future session's with Lynnsey! I'm so excited about my past life exploration, I seriously urge for people to explore hypnotherapy and try this. I have never felt so balanced and in control of my life.


Jerry E.  |  04.17.18

Since I started my sessions with Lynnsey, I am able to take action, in building my business.

I have had 3 [sessions] out of 4 so far. I am amazed at how lighter I feel [and I am] impressed that I feel so at ease. I would recommend Lynnsey to anyone who is trying to increase their business production. She can also help to align the conscious and subconscious mind to create change in your business or personal life.

Before working with Lynnsey my anxiety was so high that I had a hard time doing anything more than I had to. I had a lot of fear getting names for my business. I always felt uneasy about approaching anyone I didn't know. Now I am excited about my future. I look forward to being successful in business. Love it. Thanks Lynnsey!  


Ingrid L  |  03.21.18
First of all, thank you Lynnsey! I cannot believe it took me this long to try hypnotherapy, but I’m so glad it was Lynnsey that I “took the plunge” with. My reason for seeking her out was that I was so stuck in a cycle of lack and negative thinking that I couldn’t see a way to make it better on my own. Working with her made me realize I have lived my life feeling not good enough, and that it’s OK to finally let that go.
One thing that surprised me the most was that, once I was able to begin valuing myself subconsciously through hypnosis, it was just second nature to start valuing myself consciously, every day. That’s something I’ve spent a lifetime trying to do, and we did it in just a few weeks!  
Since working with Lynnsey, I’ve gained my self-worth back, I’m taking charge of my life and listening to my intuition loud and clear, and I have already started to see the positive effect it’s having in all areas of my life! I am also open (for the first time in a long time) to attracting someone worthy of me and my heart, which is also something I thought I gave up on a long time ago.
I am never going back to my old self-defeating ways, but I know if I slip, Lynnsey will be right there with me to help me own my light again! If you're reading this and want to actually make a lasting change for the better, Lynnsey is who you've been waiting for.


Claudia H  |  03.11.18
Thank you Lynnsey for helping me untangle the knots in my brain. Before working with Lynnsey I was going in circles in my life, I was letting my conscious beliefs take over, and I knew I wasn’t listening to my true inner voice. Even though I wanted to make changes in my life, those were not happening. Working with Lynnsey had helped me listen to my inner voice, solve some issues that were holding me back, get crystal clear answers on what I want for my life and take steps towards that direction. Without the knots in my brain, I even came up with the money to start my own business. I’m truly grateful! 


Patty B  |  12.15.17
I set an intention several months back for the "right" individual to come into my life that could help me overcome some limiting blocks. Didn't take long for Lynnsey to show up. After a mere 2 sessions, I have received so many answers and guidance and I eagerly await my next series of sessions. Side note: Lynnsey provides recordings of the sessions and encourages her clients to practice as often as possible for optimum results. Lynnsey brings joy, light and fun to all the sessions! :)


Jamie R  |  10.11.17
Working with Lynnsey during the last month, my sales have grown by over 70% which is incredible and would likely never have happened without the transformations gained with her. I can feel that my unconscious beliefs about money were preventing my success, and once I became aware, I was able to let it go... I now feel like a weight has been lifted! I cannot wait to see what else I can do with hypnosis, and I tell everyone I know that they should try it!


Janet M   |   08.20.17
"I wanted to find someone who could help me figure out why I can't seem to get to the next level of my business success, and I found Lynnsey. When we first spoke, she made it clear that I was not alone and that what I'm experiencing is not only common, but fixable?! No words can express my relief hearing that! Working with Lynnsey has shown me that I'm able to let go of the feelings of unworthiness I was consciously unaware of and step back into my power. After just a few weeks of working with her, I can see the change in my confidence and the fear of success is becoming smaller and smaller! It's easier for me to set fees and own the value of what I offer the world. I know I still have some work to do but I am so shocked and happy with the results so far!"


Jenn D   |   08.03.17
"I actually didn't know what to expect from hypnosis, and I didn't really know why I wanted to do it in the beginning, I just felt very off in general and would have tried just about anything. I found Lynnsey on the web, and shortly after started doing Skype sessions with her. In the course of a few sessions I discovered so much about myself and why I was feeling the way I was. My mind was trying to speak to me and Lynnsey helped me translate the message. Very grateful to her and look forward to doing more work with her. Don't just choose anyone, choose Lynnsey. You won't regret it!"


Alisa M   |   06.07.17
"I cannot say enough about how Lynnsey has changed my life! I saw Lynnsey via Skype for help getting out of the 'creative funk' I was in as an artist. She was able to help me clear obstacles in my mind that I didn't even know were there! After the first 3 sessions I now have so many ways to get clarity and get inspired when I need it. I will definitely be doing more sessions!"


Jacqui G.   |   05.31.17
"I came to see Lynnsey when I was having trouble gaining the success I wanted in my career. Through her services, I was able to clearly point out what the real issues were and work directly on them. I am actually shocked with the results; they have exceeded my highest hopes!"


Myriam A.   |   03.21.17
I feel like the sessions have helped me move forward in my life. I am very grateful to have encountered you; the experience has been transformative and I am excited to continue seeing you for sessions.


Rachel C.   |   02.01.17
I feel like a whole person again - so thank you very much. Trying to figure out what we should work on next. You have my confidence that the work we do is real and tangible.


A.G.   |   01.13.17
I really felt comfortable with you. You were really great, and I’m exceedingly glad that I chose you, It was such an enlightening experience!


Rhonda H.   |   11.12.16
Let me begin by thanking you for everything, which doesn't cover the dept of my feelings and appreciation to and for you!! I like how you took time to build rapport and assess my situation. I appreciate your intuitive approach and how you conducted the entire session.The discussion afterwards was very helpful in clarifying things experienced and addressing lingering emotions. Many issues were resolved that night and I'm deeply grateful for your skills.


Kelsey F.   |   10.20.16
Thanks to you I am noticing less anxiety and worry and just generally feeling happier! You helped me see connections I have been blind to for years, and I can’t thank you enough.


D.M.   |   09.09.16
I immediately felt at ease sitting down with you. You’re so easy to talk to. After the session I actually got a full night’s sleep for the first time in years, and have been sleeping great since! Thank you.


Justine S.   |   08.17.16
I honestly didn't know what to expect in the beginning, but I am so thankful I called [Lynnsey]. She is direct and compassionate, and always made me feel heard and understood. She brings a level of insight that allowed me to see the issue in a different way and get perspective I would not otherwise have had. The obstacles that felt so impossible before are now being cleared and I have never felt more like my genuine self. Her abilities are invaluable. Thank You Lynnsey.