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Using Your Subconscious to Manifest More Money with Chelsea Newman

chelsea newman high vibin' it hypnotherapy kelsey aida lynnsey robinson manifestation manifesting money manifestation money mindset podcast subconscious Apr 27, 2020

Everyone wants to manifest more money, but how? I am a clinical hypnotherapist and in this episode I explain how to work with your subconscious mind so you can achieve your financial goals. We even interview my hypnotherapy client, Chelsea Newman, to hear about how she manifested an income of over 30k a month!


We also talk about...

  • How to find out what your subconscious money programming is

  • How to write NEW subconscious programming for success

  • Chelsea's helpful perspectives on creating more financial abundance

  • The role hypnotherapy can play in manifestation

  • Choosing a beneficial perspective in times of adversity



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