4 Best Strategies To Manifest Money QUICK!

I recently got an email from a woman wanting to work with me, but she was hesitant due to finances. She wanted to know how she could leverage the law of attraction to manifest the money for my program ASAP. Here's part of her email:

“I refuse to say I can't afford it or don't have the money, do you have any tips/strategies/ideas on manifesting a specific amount of money for a specific purchase? (Specifically for this analytical mind!)

I'd appreciate any advice or direction!”

First of all, I LOVE her attitude. She saw a challenge and almost immediately looked for a solution, rather than give up on something she KNOWS will move her forward.

After I responded to her with the best ways I’ve been able to manifest money in a short amount of time, I thought it’d be a great piece to share with you as well!

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Here are my best tips to manifest money QUICK:

1) Place your order with the Universe!

Get a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper and actually WRITE OUT your order. For money, here’s the layout:

"Dear Universe, I am placing my order for $(_____) or more.

I am placing this order to be fulfilled on or before (future date).

I am so happy to have this money flow to me so I can (________). 

Using this money for (________) will allow me to (________).

Thank you Universe!" 

You can add anything that will make this feel joyful to you, but make sure you do your best to FEEL the excitement of already having it! 

2) If its a priority, treat it like one.

If I want to make something happen for myself but need the cash to do it, I decide how important it is to me, and treat it accordingly:

  • When I save money at the grocery store or on a bill, I'm happy to put the extra amount toward my investment.

  • If I find $5 in my pocket or change lying around, I know it’s supposed to go toward the investment.

  • If I have unexpected money show up to me, I know it's supposed to be put toward my investment.

You'll be surprised how much money can come "out of nowhere" when you have laser focus on a priority. Once you see it as important, the Universe will, too!

3) Visualize it! 

Every moment, think of your money goal as an already DONE DEAL. Some things that are simple and super powerful to visualize are: your bank statement having a dream amount of money, or clicking "BUY" on a high end program or product with a smile on your face, knowing you deserve this, or even a bottomless, refilling swimming pool full of money that you can dip into whenever you want, knowing there will always be an endless flow of money to you (that’s a client fav)!

4) Affirmations!

You should only be using 2-3 affirmations at any given time. More than 3 has very good potential to dilute the effectiveness. Affirmations are VERY CLOSE to being hypnotic suggestions, which is why they can be such powerful manifesting/mindset tools. However, there are two factors that will make or break their manifesting power: the time you practice them, and the words you use to create them.

The words you use should directly reflect your learning style; in other words, your subconscious language. If it doesn’t speak your language, it will feel like you’re lying to yourself every time you write it. That feeling is your subconscious mind’s flat out rejection of your goal. Not ideal!

(I have a KILLER free e-course that will give you the formula for wording your affirmations, I’d love for you to have it! Click here)

The timing should be around 30 mins after you wake up in the morning or 30 minutes before bed at night. These times are when your subconscious is most alert and receptive.

You also want to attach a strong, positive emotion to these affirmations as you write them. Really try to FEEL the freedom, relief, joy, or whatever positive feeling that these affirmations bring you. The key to connecting with the emotion is to imagine you already have all the wealth and abundance you desire… Let yourself enjoy it! Think of money like your long lost best friend and invite it over!

These are MY best ways to manifest what I want, what are YOURS? Leave a comment and let me know!

Sending you SUPER high abundance vibes! xox